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Thank you for all your fast and wonderful work!  So glad I got to meet and know you! Thank you so much for everything.....P. Mac Isaac

You made the process so smooth and painless.  We can't thank you enough.....L. Factor

You are so special to us, love you dearly.  We are always looking for a chance to share your service.  No one does it better....R. Lomba

Thanks Debb for everything you're doing.  I can't imagine doing this with anyone else...you are the best...........L. Arndt

Debb, I seriously cannot thank you enough for everything you did to make this such a nice and easy sale. Thank You!!!!!  ..............................  C. Cover

Looking back is there anything I could have done better for you?  "Nothing jumps out, it was all good and it feels good to be finally moved in." .......Nic & Allison 

"Thank you, you made the selling and buying processes so comfortable for us." .....S & J Javanshir

"Thanks Debb....You are one in a million I so appreciate you as well as your expertise.  You are one tough cookie and one heck of a Realtor".........C. Baker

"This was a scary process for me.  Debb would go at my pace and respect my position along the way.  She understood my nervousness and never pushed. She knew the perfect balance of keeping me moving forward.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my house! Everything about it and the area is perfect for me.  I can't even begin to thank you for your patience and delicate hand holding with me throughout the process.  It was a great experience and you are correct....no regrets!!!"................. K. Flores

"The most valuable part of the services was explaining everything and she took the lead and handled everything even the trying issues.  A 10 score across the board" ..................  M. Ward

" I like that Debb is a Broker/Agent.  She was so helpful in advising on how to prepare the property for sale and then actually overseeing all the work.  She was a great communicator through the whole process.  She even served a cease and desist on a neighbor and the HOA when they were getting involved in what was none of their business."......................................L. Cronin

"Most valuable was Debb's speed and communication.  What stands out in my mind is how quickly and professionally all was handled" ............ B. Ward

'Meeting Debb was like meeting a dear old friend!  She was always available, professional and lovely.  With Debb as our guide the whole process was smooth.  Debb is an absolute Gem!!!  The stars were aligned the day we met Debb.  We love her :-) .".....................L Delmerico

“The communication between buyer, seller, lender was quick and smooth.  The organization and details were spot on and showed how important we were and made it feel like we weren’t just “another buyer”.  The entire process was well organized “……………….…..B & S Alamo

“We found the up front and honest consulting most valuable.  Extremely efficient with our time.  Any conversation or transaction activity, we were in the loop immediately and continually outlining what was next, we always knew what to expect”…….J & N Gilbertson

“We valued the clear explanation of the process and assistance at every step.  The selling process is always difficult but Ms. Mattas was always there to help us through.  What stands out in our mind is the company’s constant “positive can do” attitude “ …….G & S Simon

“You made buying a house “unseen” while being physically present in Hawaii and New Zealand, incredible.  Being honest!!!! “   ……………………….S & L Cavanagh

“Your accountability and honesty along with helping me buy, which was very difficult for me was most valuable” ……………………..   C. Mann

“You know how to work with the other agents.  Even in the messy times you made the process so easy.  We got thru escrow very quickly and without delay!!!.  YES, YES I will use you again and will refer you to my family members, friends and colleagues.” ……………B. Javanshir


 "Debb and her team took the time to look at a variety of homes on the market and helped us find the best fit.  They gave amazing service; were always professional, prompt and easy to work with.  Receiving the key at our new home "celebration" was so kind and fun."  ........ Mr. & Mrs. Lomba

“Great job guys, thanks for running this to the ground.  In the end it was worth all the challenges! You have earned the commission and then some.”…….. M & S George

"We continually work with Debb because she is competent and trustworthy, having handled multiple transactions for us in the past.  What stands out most in our mind is the feeling that she always has our best interest in mind and the fact that we always receive world-class service." .....Dr. Mrs. Chan

"When I was discouraged by the market, I felt like I might need to settle for something below by standard.  You reminded me to believe in the Universe and the Universe took care of me....I got the perfect home.  You were always there for me every step of the way"..........................J. Duarte

"We hopefully help as many people as we can with our personal success.  You certainly have turned around to give those in line a helping hand.  You changed my life.  You gave me a pathway to success and lightened my load.  Thank you so much"...............................R. Muckey

"Debb professed continued patience with me and it worked.  It was pleasant and I am a demanding person.  Things went very well and I was most impressed with the amount of effort she put in to close the deal" .....................E. Bartolowits

"Reviewing docs and staying on top of the transaction was most valuable.  What stands out most in our mind is your professionalism and we absolutely received world class service.  Kevin and I appreciate your professionalism and kindness.  You have helped us through two successful real estate transactions" ........................Mr. & Mrs. Scanlan

"I just want to thank you for the amazing job you did and all the hard work and long emails and dedication you gave to us and our house.  I honestly don't think we would have gotten it if it wasn't for you.  Thanks to you we can finally buy a full-size Christmas tree and have plenty of room for Santa to put all the presents for the kids" ...................J. Maisonave & C. Thomas

"I am going to get my property taxes reduced!!! One of the Assessors adjusters looked at your listings and ran some listings of her own.  She sent me her listings and said that 3 were closet to my ranch and she would use those.  I panicked because they were a LOT higher than what we paid and I thought that would make my taxes go up.  They agreed to make adjustments from the listings you provided for age and size and now I don't have to go in front of the board!!!!  Thanks for your help, you always come thru." ...............................D. Montgomery

"The short sale process is uncomfortable and our specific circumstances made it difficult but nothing Debb did made it uncomfortable, she only made it better.  Debb was willing to help us with part of the processes that weren't even related to her responsibilities and to make every part of the process as smooth as possible.  Just goes to show us what an awesome job you did for us getting our place.  We love it and have been improving it slowly but surely.  That for everything, .we love our home"  .............M & P Jones

"You held in there with me while I decided what was important in my next home, listened to what I thought I wanted then changed as I narrowed down my preferences" ....... S. Wojtowicz

"The most valuable gift was your expertise and professional advice/guidance.  You really helped us.  We were not comfortable going up from our offer even though the Seller countered.  It all worked out, we paid the price we wanted to"  ....................A & J Hanes 

"Debb Mattas turned out to be exactly what our son made her out to be and more.  Everything that needed attention was said up front.  She kept our emotional experience within our budget and helped us stay focused so we didn't fall in love with a home that was too expensive which we would later regret.  We felt very much at ease and Debb controlled those emotions that can get out of hand.  Debb is a very diligent, honest and straight forward agent/Broker"..........Mr. & Mrs. Bieler

"I just want to tell you thank you so much for all the hard work you're doing.  Even though I've never gone through this process before, I do know that you are the reason things are going so well and I have not had a minute of worrying about papers or anything getting done.  It is very obvious how dedicated you are to making things run smoothly and you really know your stuff.  Even if something unforeseen happens, I am happy knowing it is not something I had to worry about. "You were always there when I had questions, I never had to worry about a single thing.  It was an amazingly easy process because of your professionalism and knowledge and dedication.  Your forethought to go ahead and put an offer on a more expensive property (with my approval) worked...I got it. I am grateful to have you as a friend and as my agent.  I think you should change your name to Ten Star Executive Realty because you are an agent come true.  :-)   Thank you"  .....................D. Gebase 

"You were extremely accommodating when we continued to revise our criteria and requested viewing of different units.  We could tell at this early stage that you were a well organized professional who truly had our best interests at heart.  (You never tried to encourage us to make a decision before we were ready or to accept something that did not meet our needs.)  Throughout the whole process you were always there to help walk us through it.  You returned phones calls and emails promptly and did a great job in keeping us updated on the status.  It is obvious that you are not only a knowledgeable real estate professional, but also a person who truly cares about her clients and does everything possible to do what is best for them".............A. Adelman 

"You never let me settle and kept me looking for what was the perfect house for me.  I always felt I could talk to you about any concern.  I felt like I was a very important client and you were always so patient with me"....................T. Ponce 


"I was impressed with your knowledge, quick response, organization and emotional support.  The service was great.  I think the most valuable was your availability and quickness. When things "had to happen" you were there to make it so.  I would recommend your services as I don't think anyone could get much more dedicated quick or thorough support."................D & D Montgomery

"Because of my personal and professional relationships, I know Debb to have complete integrity and amazing abilities.  Her advice regarding the market and willingness to keep looking were amazing. Also, the way you worked with us every step"...............T & M Campbell

"We are very pleased as first-time home buyers to not only be attended to but educated along the way.  The tireless approach to the whole process; from a marathon of showing properties to pressuring selling agents there was always impressive drive"...............S & D Schwarzer 

"Debb was always available to show a house. She always came to our home for paper signing and cared for our needs.  Debb always explained every process and was very knowledgeable in short sales and foreclosures.  We would recommend her services, Debb bent over backwards to help us with the purchase"................I. Cooper 

"The Buyer's agent performing less than expected was disappointing, but, Debb's control of it was spectacular.  Just wanted to reaffirm my conviction of you being the best real estate agent in California.  I am happy to be unstuck and able to set sail to a new future and I owe much of this to you as a person and a wonderful agent, thanks"....... J. Seifert 

"Debb was attentive, responsive and caring. Previous agents were not! She always returned my phone calls promptly - even after the house was sold. I would definitely recommend Debb and her team. Not only did Debb sell my house, but she took so much pressure and stress off of me!!! She is fun to work with and gets the job done!!!!"........P. Shone 

"I was surprised that I never had to ask --- the agent was always one step ahead. I recommend Debb and her team without reservation to everyone".....T. Doyle 

"Your services were excellent. I will recommend you anytime".........W. Huckell 

"You did a super job for our dad. Just keep on doing what you're doing. You were very knowledgeable and professional they way you handled all the details. I will absolutely refer others to Debb Mattas"....I. Moran 

"My questions were never stupid and my concerns were always given direct attention. Phone calls were always returned.  Debb opened our minds to a different neighborhood that we did not consider and it turned out for the better.  WE LOVE OUR NEW HOME".........T. Smith 

"Our experience was wonderful. Great personal service & dedication to helping us find somewhere we'd be happy.  When it was time to sell, you gave us advice on how to make it sell faster.  When two offers came in and we were on vacation you made it all work out.  We were very happy with your service and you gave great advice too!!"........N. Woody 

"Individuality and one on one made the transition of selling much easier for us. Always on top of what's going on with the market in buying and selling"........S. Drumel

"I would recommend Debb Mattas and her team to everyone. You really came through when I thought things were falling apart"........ P. Mansell 

"Debb always goes the extra mile. Working with her is always an adventure"................. J. Row  


"You kept me calm and well informed. I never had to call you for updates. You made sure I was comfortable with every aspect of a terrible situation".....G. Ramsey 

"Debb you are my angel.  After my husband's death you gave me the confidence that I could do it!!"........ G. Moody 

"Debb saw to the many details; showed me many properties; was always impeccably honest & straight forward; answered questions fully and in a timely manner.  I can't imagine better service"........ J. Swarden 

"What pleased me the most was that when something went wrong Ms. Debb already had options to take care of the problem. I would very much recommend Ms. Debb. She is very considerate when it comes to having to deal with personal situations. I really appreciated that"... I. Hernandez

"You came to me, worked within my available times.  Answered all my questions!!"....... P. Smith 

"You coordinated all of the special services regarding painter, landscaper, plumber, carpet layer, maid and yard cleanup while I was living in Arizona.  I never had to worry about anything"     ................. V. Brumfield 

" I have personally known Debb for over 40 years, her devotion to her family and community are unparalleled. Given the opportunity, she will give the same dedication and commitment to you and your efforts in finding a home. I have never known anyone so committed to ensuring the total satisfaction of a client"...................T. Martin 

Helping to navigate the real estate market.

Family and Veteran Owned

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